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1000 Words

Alternate Reality Game

A picture is worth a thousand words
“It is the next big thing on teh Interweb!”
- Mark Twain Mark Twain himself

The rules!

  1. You do not talk about 1000 Words!

  2. You DO NOT talk about 1000 Words!

  3. The story must be related to the given picture.

  4. In order to add to the story, you must read it from the beginning to the point that it leaves off.

  5. Each post is limited to 200 letters.

  6. Anyone can start a new storyline anytime they wish.

  7. You can't post to the story twice in a row.

  8. If this is your first time at 1000 Words, you HAVE to write.

Choose a story



Street Food

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Play smart!


You can also play the game on your smart phone. Standing in a line at your favorite club won't be boring anymore. Going by tram or metro train will take less time than usually. Just scan this stuff, bookmark the provided link, and create stories whenever you have a spare minute.